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NELA 2.0 brings together a land-grant university and a consortium of 13 rural, high-need school districts to increase student achievement by preparing and retaining assistant principals and principals to serve as instructional leaders in the consortium’s high-need schools. The project is called NELA 2.0 because it builds upon the successes of other funded projects among the partners and is part of a comprehensive initiative to increase student achievement in northeast North Carolina (NC). NELA 2.0 builds on, refines, and expands the work of an the original NELA Innovative Leaders Academy. The new NELA 2.0 program will include professional development for current principals and creates a succession plan for the Northeast North Carolina region with the ultimate outcome of increasing student achievement by achieving four objectives:

Objective 1: Principal Academy                                                                                          

100 leaders of high-need schools will complete a summer intensive, PD program on instructional leadership for digital learning and management and receive executive coaching to apply their learning

Objective 2: Innovative Leaders Academy – NELA Cohorts IV and VI    

30 new leaders prepared (Master Degree and License), hired, supported, and retained through an induction program and executive coaching

Objective 3: Executive Coaching  

Provide individualized, executive coaching for both Principal Academy and ILA participants.

Objective 4: Disseminate and Replicate

Take lessons-learned from Objectives 1-3 and develop processes that allow project designed training methods and materials to be replicated and incorporated into leadership preparation programs.